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Sublimated Loose Fit Uniforms

Mens, Womens and Youth Tops

1-ply, PCS Ultra Tech Polyester with binding arm and neck.

Warriors Men's & Women's Tops

  Sug. Retail
SPM120 Men's:  $42.00
SPW120 Women's:  $42.00
SPY120 Youth:  $42.00

Sublimated Loose-Fit Shorts

Sublimated Loose-Fit Shorts1-ply, PCS Ultra Tech Polyester, v-notch side vents. Comes with drawstring. 4 different lenghts available. Youth available in 5” inseam.

Basic Unisex   Volley Unisex
Sug. Retail   Sug. Retail
SP8801 No Brief:  $35.00   SP8801-5 No Brief:  $41.00
SP8802 Brief:  $38.00   SP8802-5 Brief:  $44.00
Sug. Retail   Sug. Retail
SP8801-4 No Brief:  $38.00   SP8801-7 No Brief:  $44.00
SP8802-4 Brief:  $41.00   SP8802-7 Brief:  $47.00

Sublimated Tight Fit Uniforms

Sublimated Tight-Fit TopsSublimated Tight Fit Mens, Womens and Youth Tops

86% Polyester, 14% Spandex, Sizes: XS - 2XL

Sug. Retail
SXM120 Men's:  $44.00
SXM320 Men's
(fuller back): 
SXW120 Women's:  $44.00
SXY120 Youth:  $44.00

Sublimated Tight Fit Shorts

Sublimated Tight-Fit Shorts86% Polyester 14% Spandex. Sizes: XS - 2XL. 4 different lengths available. Youth available in 2 different lengths (3” & 5”). Gripper leg elastic available for $3.00 upcharge.

Sug. Retail
SX120 3” Boycut (lowrise): $36.00
SX420-3 3” Inseam:  $38.00
SX420-5 5” Inseam:  $40.00
SX420-8 8” Inseam:  $42.00

Sublimated Tight-Fit ShortsSublimated Tight Fit Mens, Womens and Youth Speedsuits

86% Polyester, 14% Spandex, Sizes: XS - 2XL

Sug. Retail
SXM220 Men's: $60.00
SXW220 Women's:  $60.00
SXY220 Youth:  $60.00

Add following to basic price
Sizes 3XL & 4XL...........$8.00