Since 1974 (over 44 years), Pacific Coast Sportswear has been the most dependable supplier of custom-made athletic uniforms. After studying the sublimation process for over 12 years, PCS made the switch to making only sublimated uniforms in 2010.

As in the past our quality of sublimation is consistently superior to most everything on the market today. Our colors are brighter and more consistent. We have the ability to match just about any color you can think of. We use the most state-of-the-art printers and presses that are available today. We constantly update our equipment to supply the finest quality.

We use the latest technical fabrics as far as moister wicking, durability, and comfort. We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship in construction and design.

We offer complete custom sublimation. You can pick from some of our stock styles or you can do a completely different style. You can change whatever you want. You cannot do that with the other suppliers.

Since we’ve been in business we have delivered every order 100% complete and on time, no back orders. Customer service is our main priority with personal attention given to all our customers.

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